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TV, the Internet, friends - main sources of information for Kyrgyzstanis

Kyrgyzstanis mentioned television, the Internet, as well as relatives and friends as the main sources of political information. A survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI) says.

The share of television has declined significantly over the past five years. In July 2015, at least 94 percent of respondents received political information through TV. The figure fell to 84 percent in November 2019.

The share of the Internet over five years has grown rapidly — from 20 to 69 percent.

People begin to trust the opinion of relatives and friends a little less. If in 2015 they were a source of information for 38 percent of respondents, then the figure dropped to 34 percent in 2019.

Colleagues at work, booklets, information by mail and articles in magazines are least of all considered as sources of political information.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted a traditional survey among Kyrgyzstanis. The survey involved 1,483 people from all over the country. It was conducted from November 21 to December 3 last year.