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Labor migrants pay 3,450 million soms in fines in Kyrgyzstan

In 2019, labor migrants have paid 3,450,000 soms in fines for violation of the regime of stay in Kyrgyzstan.

At least 354,000 citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are currently working in Kyrgyzstan.

These are those who have been registered. The figure, the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted, is constantly changing, since about 300 citizens of neighboring states leave and enter Kyrgyzstan every day.

Recall, deputy Iskhak Pirmatov proposed introduction of a concept «border migrant» and an electronic license for this category of migrants with a single rate for it of 500 soms. Government representatives ask to divide the licenses into types and then set rates for them, taking into account the time spent by a migrant in the country.

Citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan can stay in Kyrgyzstan without registration for 60 days.

According to preliminary estimates, if the cost of the license is 500 soms, the budget will get more than 100 million soms annually. These funds are planned to be spent on development of regions, in particular those where migrants work.