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Deputies plan to ban production of plastic bags in Kyrgyzstan from 2021

Members of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan plan to ban production and sale of plastic bags from 2021. The draft law has been submitted for public discussion.

The developers note that there are about 20 enterprises that produce plastic bags in Kyrgyzstan. The deputies claim that they took into account the risks of entrepreneurs, and in order to minimize them, they offer to provide a one-year delay.

Sale of packages of polymer materials will be permitted until June 1 next year, and production — until January 1, 2021.

The initiators stress that by the indicated dates, entrepreneurs should use the opportunities provided to sell already imported and manufactured goods, as well as complete production of dangerous plastic bags.

As of today, there are no restrictions on the production of plastic in Kyrgyzstan. Its import is also not limited. The country imports about 250 tons of bags per month.