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Salaidin Avazov pleads guilty and ready to pay fine

The Bishkek City Court continues to consider appeals from the defendants’ lawyers within a criminal case on modernization of the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant. The presiding judge is Irina Vorontsova.

Interrogation of the accused continues. The former head of Electric Stations OJSC, Salaidin Avazov, pleaded guilty of abuse of power, asked to take this into account and recategorize his actions.

I am ready to partially compensate for the damage in the amount of 5 million soms.

Salaidin Avazov

He noted that following the instructions from the president and his staff, the Ministry of Energy was ordered to conclude a contract agreement with TBEA. The motive was to ensure the country’s energy security, taking into account the tight deadlines, in order to make it to the SCO summit.

Electric Stations could not influence the conditions for concluding the contract, including the choice of contractor, despite this, we insisted on development by the contractor of a full feasibility study. I do not know why the customer did not request the full feasibility study from the contractor. I was no longer a director then," Salaidin Avazov stressed.

Recall, the former prime minister Sapar Isakov was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The former head of the National Energy Holding Aibek Kaliev, the former prime minister Zhantoro Satybaldiev and the head of Electric Stations OJSC Salaydin Avazov were sentenced to different prison terms. The former head of the HPP modernization group Temirlan Brimkulov and a commercial director of Electric Stations Zholdoshbek Nazarov were released in the courtroom. Former ministers of finances and energy Olga Lavrova and Osmonbek Artykbaev must pay fines.