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Asian Development Bank to allocate $ 2 million to fight coronavirus

The Asian Development Bank has approved allocation of $ 2 million to support efforts to combat the spread of a novel coronavirus. ADB website says.

The funds are said to complement ongoing regional technical assistance and strengthen response capacities in China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The allocated funds will finance the development of recommendations to improve outbreak investigation and epidemiological surveillance, including in rural areas, and to strengthen resilience of health care systems and epidemic response capacities.

Diagnostic and laboratory supplies for rapid testing will be supported to help combat the outbreak.

ADB works closely with the World Health Organization and other regional experts to detect areas for a coordinated response and possible further financial assistance in response to the coronavirus situation.

«Additional technical support is being prepared to help other developing countries — ADB members to improve key economic and health care systems. If necessary, support may include purchase of medicines and medical equipment,» the statement says.

ADB economists are studying the impact that the virus can have on the region’s economy, including through channels such as tourism, consumption, trade, and supply chains.