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Migration Service asks for tougher rules for obtaining refugee status

Representatives of the State Migration Service of Kyrgyzstan ask deputies to tighten the Law on Refugees.

It is proposed to introduce norms for refusing to register applications for refugee status in the following cases:

— If the applicant has previously been refused refugee status in the manner prescribed by law, provided that there are no newly discovered or new circumstances;

— If the applicant is convicted by a court verdict that has entered into force for committing a serious crime on the territory of Kyrgyzstan;

— If the person previously had refugee status and voluntarily left Kyrgyzstan to the country of origin or to a third country for permanent residence.

The State Migration Service explained that cases of abuse of the asylum by foreigners in order to legalize in Kyrgyzstan became more frequent.

For example, in 2016-2019, at least 24 applications for refugee status have been submitted to the authorized migration body by foreign citizens who had previously been refused.

«The current situation has a negative impact on the migration situation as a whole. Some foreign citizens, who have been denied refugee status, in the hope of re-applying for asylum, do not leave Kyrgyzstan, replenishing the ranks of illegal migrants. Labor and other resources are spent on reconsidering the applications,» the State Migration Service stressed and added that 206 citizens of Syria and Iran have requested refugee status in Kyrgyzstan.