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Activists come up with method to deal effectively with garbage in Kyrgyzstan

Initiative group «For Clean Kyrgyzstan!» proposes to amend the Code of Violations and change the type of punishment for throwing and burning garbage in undesignated places. Member of an initiative group Aizhan Chynybaeva told at a press conference at 24.kg news agency today.

She recalled that the organization has been cleaning all over Kyrgyzstan since 2014, conducting large-scale campaigns.

«We attract a lot of people to such events, but often they are outraged that garbage appears again in a week. We have come to the conclusion that impunity motivates those who throw garbage to do their shady deals,» she said.

Aizhan Chynybaeva added that liability for illegal garbage disposal is provided, but this is not enough. It is necessary to change the set of mind of violators — not to fine them immediately, but to warn and give the opportunity to clean up after themselves.

Lawyer Kabylzhan Mamazhanov notes that such a mechanism is proposed to be applied, if a person is caught at the place of the violation and he or she must clean up voluntarily. Otherwise, they will be fined.

In addition, the initiative group proposes internal affairs bodies, rather than local governments, to consider responsibility for this type of violation.

Erkin Isakov, a member of the initiative group, the former vice mayor of Bishkek, noted that the sanitary-environmental inspection deals with these issues in the capital, but its employees lack the authority to identify an offender.

«Many refuse to introduce themselves and the inspectors cannot do anything. After analyzing the situation, we came to the conclusion that citizens tend to listen to representatives of law enforcement agencies. They may ask to show documents, draw up a protocol, apply measures up to delivery to the police department,» he said.

Erkin Isakov added that local government bodies lack the strength and resources to ensure inevitability of punishment.

«Such measures, the first warning, have an educative effect, punitive measures alone will not work,» Erkin Isakov said.