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Father of died in Suzak boy returns from Russia

Father of a two-year-old boy, who died from beating in Suzak district of Kyrgyzstan, returned from Russia. Head of the Child Rights Defenders’ League Public Foundation Nazgul Turdubekova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, he intends to take his daughter born in 2014 with him.

She noted that cases when children die because their parents left them in the care of their relatives without outside supervision have become more frequent in Kyrgyzstan.

«Such monitoring can be carried out by family support and child protection departments, social service workers. Until control over the happening with the children is not tightened, these cases will not stop,» she said.

Nazgul Turdubekova believes that parents should themselves inform the local authorities that they leave, and that the child is left in care.

«Parents should understand that this needs to be done, and relatives should understand, not be offended, and give consent. The main thing here is the interests of the child, not adults. We need to think about saving each child, regardless of the situation he or she is in,» she said.

Recall, a dead two-year-old boy with bruises on his body was brought to the hospital in Oktyabr village on January 27. Suzak District Department of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case under the Article «Causing grievous bodily harm» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pre-trial proceedings are ongoing. A relative is suspected of causing the injuries.