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Elections 2020: Deputies intend to lower electoral threshold to 7 percent

An initiative group has been created in Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to draft a bill to lower the electoral threshold to 7 percent. Sources in the Parliament told 24.kg news agency.

According to them, one of the initiators is the leader of Onuguu-Progress faction, Bakyt Torobaev. Talant Mamytov, a member of Respublika-Ata Jurt faction, also promotes the idea.

«The bill to reduce the electoral threshold to 5 percent is stuck in the relevant committee. The Chairman Kanat Kerezbekov does not explain why the draft law, submitted at the end of December, is still not included in the agenda,» sources in the Parliament noted.

Earlier, the deputy Iskhak Masaliev, a member of the team of developers of amendments on lowering the threshold to 5 percent, said: there is no guarantee that the president will not veto this document.

«In this case, we will not have time to overcome the veto in terms of time: we can only adopt it before the summer recess, and we are unlikely to meet in September. So there’s almost no time left,» he said.

Iskhak Masaliev added that the rule prohibiting editing the election legislation a year before the election campaign has been abolished, but the initiative might be dragged out.

The set threshold of 9 percent and the amount of the electoral deposit caused a lot of controversy. Experts called these points failing and playing into the hands of oligarchs. Before the recess, the Parliament approved a package of changes, including the indicated scandalous amendments. The President Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed the approved version.