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Kyrgyzstan has no database of children involved in worst forms of labor

There is no single database of children who are involved in the worst forms of labor in Kyrgyzstan. Coordinator of the project «Promotion of human rights and labor rights through GSP + in Kyrgyzstan» Cholpon Babalieva told today at a press conference.

According to her, in 2016, Kyrgyzstan received the GSP+ status. This is a system of preferences, which gives the right of duty-free supply of 6,200 goods to the European Union. But in return, the country must comply with 27 international conventions, including elimination of the worst forms of child labor and discrimination against women.

«As of today, data on child labor vary. According to the results of the cluster survey in 2018, the National Statistical Committee presented data that 26.7 percent of the children aged from 15 to 17 were attracted to work. According to the International Labor Association, 39 percent of the children work in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development provided data that 593 children were involved in labor in 2018, 22 of them — in the worst forms of labor. According to the results of 9 months of 2019, these figures were 138 and 16 children,» Cholpon Babalieva said.

«The difference in data indicates the absence of a single database of working children and distorts the real picture. The existing system for detection of child labor and prevention of the worst forms of child labor is ineffective. At the same time, the latest program to eradicate the worst forms of child labor expired in 2017, and the new one has not yet been adopted,» she said.