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Kazakhstan sentences to life imprisonment for murder of child

Specialized Inter-District Criminal Court of Karaganda Oblast of Kazakhstan sentenced a 24-year-old Igentai Sopyzhanov to life imprisonment for murder of a three-year-old child. MIA Kazinform reports.

This is the first case after adoption of the relevant amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under which life imprisonment is imposed for murder of a child.

«Igentai Sopyzhanov killed a three-year-old child because of a quarrel with the boy’s mother. He wrested the boy from the woman’s hands and took him away, demanding from his girlfriend to take away her statement from the police on the fact of her beating. The man dated the mother of the child and beat her during a quarrel. She appealed to the local police inspector with a statement about the beatings. Previously convicted of the murder Sopyzhanov was afraid that he would be imprisoned again. After the abduction, he called the child’s mother and demanded to meet with her. However, fearing his actions, the woman did not go to meet him. As a result, on the third day, the police found the child’s body in a forest plantation on the outskirts of a village,» the news agency quoted the investigation materials as saying.

Until the end of pronouncement of the verdict, the hands of the accused were kept tied, as Sopyzhanov previously tried to injure himself.