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Selection of applicants for vacancies at Constitutional Chamber completing

Council for Selection of Judges conducts competitive selection for position of judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Candidates have completed written tasks on resolving specific situations, after which the Council for Selection of Judges began to carry out interviews to determine the professional and volitional qualities of the candidates.

Recall, 16 candidates submitted applications for participation in the competitive selection. Three of them are judges. In November 2019, the deputies of the Parliament approved ​​their dismissal due to expiration of a seven-year term. These are Erkinbek Mamyrov, Mukambet Kasymaliev and Meergul Bobukeeva.

The competitive selection for the post of judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court will end on January 22.

A candidate for the position of a judge of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court must have the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, be not younger than 40 and not older than 70, have a higher legal education, master’s degree. If he or she graduated with a bachelor’s degree only, then they must have at least 15 years of the legal profession experience. The candidate must also speak the state and official languages.