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British Ambassador brings 10 kg of meat for wounded snow leopard

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Kyrgyzstan Charles Garrett visited a wounded leopard, who is in the rehabilitation center now. He brought Zhaabars 10 kilograms of meat. Bugu-Ene Public Foundation reported.

Director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of Kyrgyzstan Mirslav Amankulov, representatives of the working secretariat of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program, as well as a member of the Snow Leopard Trust in Kyrgyzstan, Koustubh Sharma, also visited the center.

«It was very pleasant that they noted how kindly we treat our Zhaabars, that the care for him and treatment are thorough and competent. Improvements in his condition are visible. We are saddened that he can not see, but we have hope, one his eye began to see a little,» representatives of Bugu-Ene told.

During a tour of the rehabilitation facility, its staff showed other rescued wild animals that also needed help.