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Residents of Kok-Tash demand to expedite solution of border issues

Residents of Kok-Tash village demand from the authorities of Kyrgyzstan to accelerate the process of demarcation and delimitation of the state border with Tajikistan. They stated this today at a press conference in Bishkek.

According to them, the situation in the border areas is aggravating and clashes constantly arise.

«If earlier skirmishes at the border ended in throwing of stones, but now, they end in shooting. The situation is very dangerous. We are afraid that third forces will take advantage of local conflicts. The Kyrgyzstan’s authorities should not turn a blind eye and, if possible, urgently conduct demarcation and delimitation of state borders through negotiations,» participants of the press conference said.

The conflict occurred in Zhaka-Oruk area on the night of January 9. According to the State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan, citizens of Tajikistan threw stones at a car in Kocho-Karyn area. The car was moving from Batken to Kok-Tash village. The Tajiks stoned the house of a Kyrgyzstani in Dakhma area at about 2.40 am. Border guards, who, along with the police, were heading to the house of the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, were shot at from a hunting rifle from Tajikistan.

On January 11, residents of Kok-Tash village in Batken district blocked Osh — Batken — Isfana road. The situation was stabilized. According to the State Border Service, the situation at the epicenter is currently stable.