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Border Service of Kyrgyzstan catches Tajik colleagues in distorting facts

Border Service of Kyrgyzstan denies version of its Tajik colleagues that the Kyrgyzstanis fired at a car of an officer of the Internal Affairs Department 2 of Isfara city. Press service of the State Border Service reported.

According to it, the comment of the press center of the Border Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan completely distorts the real situation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

«The Kyrgyz side was forced to evacuate women and children from the territory that got under fire. Shots were fired from the territory of Tajikistan only. Kyrgyzstanis did not use weapons. At the same time, the Tajik side does not take measures against their citizens, whose provocative actions lead to an aggravation of the situation and sow discord in the dialogue between the population of the border regions of the two states,» the State Border Service commented.

Incident at the border on the night of January 10 was provoked by the citizens of Tajikistan, who stoned two cars, and then a house of Kyrgyzstanis. They had been periodically firing at the border territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for three hours.

The state service said that the charges of the Border Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan were completely groundless and the fact that citizens of Kyrgyzstan injured a Tajik citizen T. Safarova on December 29, 2019 was not true.

«They are trying to pass a domestic incident between T. Safarova and her relative off as a border incident, accusing citizens of another country. However, the Tajik side did not provide any evidence. Moreover, the Republic of Tajikistan refused to jointly investigate the case. Thus, instead of settling border issues, citizens and some officials of Tajikistan openly oppose the positions of the heads of the two states, who previously stated the importance of maintaining peace, harmony and centuries-old friendship between the peoples,» the Border Service of Kyrgyzstan noted.

The state service calls on its Tajik colleagues to objectively assess the events taking place on the joint border, to harshly suppress provocations of some citizens or third forces that use them to fuel conflicts at the border.

Recall, the incident occurred on the Kyrgyz-Tajik section of the border yesterday. It occurred in Zhaka-Oruk area. Citizens of Tajikistan threw stones at cars, and then at the house of Kyrgyzstan’s citizens. Injured were reported.