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Athletes from Kyrgyzstan win Taekwondo Tournament in Almaty

Kyrgyzstanis won medals at the International Taekwondo ITF Tournament. Taekwondo Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic (President Oleg Lim) informed 24.kg news agency.

The tournament was held on January 7 in Almaty. At least 300 athletes from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan participated in it. Kyrgyzstan was represented by nine sportsmen. They won 12 medals in various categories and disciplines.

Polina Gorkovaya (in two categories), Sofia Zamalieva and Islam Ramazanov became champions. Sofia Zamalieva, Liya Isakeeva, Syrga Ruslanbekova, Begaiym Egemberdieva and Arsentiy Khvan took the second places. Liya Isakeeva, Emirlan Madeliev and Kanatbek uulu Aziret took the 3rd places.

«We will send a large team to the tournament in Moscow in late January,» the Federation added.