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Over 100 heavy trucks accumulate near Ak-Tilek Avtodorozhny checkpoint

More than 100 heavy trucks have accumulated near Ak-Tilek Avtodorozhny checkpoint in Issyk-Ata district. A Spokesperson for the State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan Gulmira Borubaeva told 24.kg news agency.

It is clarified that the checkpoint is functioning as usual, there are no obstacles for passage of border control by freight carriers from the Kyrgyz side.

According to Gulmira Borubaeva, a meeting of representatives of the border services of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan took place today. The issue of accumulation of heavy trucks near checkpoints was discussed. It is noted that freight carriers have no complaints against the border guards of the two states. Border guards inspect vehicles only for presence of illegal drugs, weapons and ammunition.

«Freight carriers are subjected to additional checks by state bodies of Kazakhstan, which are deployed outside Kara-Suu checkpoint,» said Gulmira Borubaeva.

There are no accumulations of people and vehicles at other checkpoints on Kazakhstan’s section of the state border.