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Large channels of smuggling of fuel from Kazakhstan suppressed

Large channels of illegal import of fuel and lubricants from Kazakhstan to the oil depots in Chui region of Kyrgyzstan have been suppressed. The Anti-Corruption Service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan reported.

Some citizens of Kyrgyzstan, in collusion with Kazakh companies, organized a channel for smuggling fuel into Kyrgyzstan by rail. Fuel and lubricants were imported under the guise of components of raw materials — «stable gas condensate» and «white spirit.» Pre-trial proceedings began on the fact.

«At least 4,262 tons of fuel and lubricants were seized on the facts of illegal import without payment of taxes on the territory of oil depot in Petrovka village, Moskovsky district of Chui region. They were stored in seven tanks of companies, engaged in wholesale and retail trade of fuel. In addition, two more fuel and lubricants tanks with a total weight of 120 tons were detained when trying to smuggle them through Kaindy-Avtodorozhny checkpoint at Kaindy station, which were brought in under the guise of white spirit,» the State Committee for National Security told.

Damage is calculated as a part of the investigation. The State Committee for National Security notes that the offenses are committed due to the lack of government control over compliance with environmental and industrial safety standards and tax procedures. It is not only about smuggling of fuel and lubricants, but also about artisanal processing of petroleum products from low grades to more expensive ones (AI 80 gasoline to AI 92 gasoline with addition of chemicals) and their sale on the markets of Kyrgyzstan.