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Football center may be built in Chui region of Kyrgyzstan

A football center may be built in Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. Vice President of the Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Dastanbek Konokbaev told journalists.

He noted that the Federation had an opportunity to raise funds to improve sports infrastructure.

«We looked at the stadiums in different regions of the country — about 70 objects. About 90 percent of them are in poor condition. But in order to achieve success in sports, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure and train young athletes,» he said.

Dastanbek Konokbaev noted that negotiations were ongoing with Orok rural administration. According to him, local authorities are ready to allocate about 20 hectares for construction of a football center.

At the same time, he said, if consensus cannot be reached with Bishkek authorities, the Federation intended to raise funds for construction of a small stadium for Alga club.

«Three Bishkek teams are in the Premier League: Dordoi, Ilbirs and Alga. The latter does not have its own base. We planned the football center would become its home. The football team does not train constantly,» he said.

Dastanbek Konokbaev added that negotiations on the construction of the center have been ongoing since 2015.

«There were negotiations with Temir Sariev. We were then told that land should not be allocated. But we did not have a goal to get the land in property. We ask the city authorities to confirm that they are ready to allocate land. This does not mean ownership,» he said.

Dastanbek Konokbaev added that FIFA has no requirement to transfer the land into ownership only, it is possible to transfer it for temporary use.

«We said that we would build and transfer, and we would be a co-user. If the power changes, the rules of the game will not change,» he said.

Recall, Football Federation of Kyrgyzstan asks the City Hall of the capital to allocate land for construction of the center with a complex of sports facilities. The Federation attracts funds for construction — about $ 8-10 million. It is known that $ 3.5 million have been raised through FIFA, AFC, foreign partners and sponsors.

The Bishkek City Administration invited the Football Federation to consider options for construction of the center on the basis of Labor Reserves stadium or on other land plots that would comply with city planning documents, the General Plan and the Detailed City Plan.

The issue was included in the agenda of the session of the City Council. But the parties did not reach a consensus for 3 days. As a result, Respublika-Ata Jurt faction proposed pass a no-confidence motion against Bishkek’s mayor Aziz Surakmatov. But since the session was postponed to January 14, the issue was not considered.

The leader of the majority coalition of the Bishkek City Council Zhumabek Salymbekov supported position of the City Hall regarding allocation of land to the Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic for construction of a football center in Bishkek on his page on Facebook.