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Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan to be supplemented by drones

President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted a protocol to the State Duma for consideration that will allow introduction of unmanned aerial vehicle units into the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan. TASS reported.

«Provisions of the protocol are supplemented by the terms relating to unmanned aerial systems and unmanned aerial vehicles; discrepancies between Russian and Kyrgyz laws regarding use of unmanned aerial vehicles are eliminated, and the procedure for organizing flights of unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft of the Russian Federation in the airspace of the Kyrgyz Republic is established,» explanatory note says.

Entry into force of the protocol will allow «to introduce unmanned aerial vehicle units into the Russian military base and organize their use.»

A joint inventory conducted during registration of the right to temporarily use by Russia of areas where the military base is located revealed a discrepancy between their sizes and the parameters set in the bilateral agreement.

In particular, the excess was 58.32 hectares. In connection with this protocol, «a new (higher) annual rent has been set for the use by the Russian side of land and water areas, amounting to the equivalent of $ 4,794,095.»

These expenses are financed within the limits of the federal budget appropriations allocated by the Russian Ministry of Defense for the corresponding year.