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Kumtor incident. Rescuers find car of missing employees

Rescuers found a car, which the missing Kumtor employees used on the day of the incident. The Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan Kalys Akhmatov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the car is broken into parts, no one was found inside it.

«The volume of work is large; we continue search for the missing people. At least 95 people and 57 units of machinery work at the scene,» Kalys Akhmatov said.

A dramatic failure occurred at Kumtor mine at the Lysii waste rock dump at approximately 5:43 a.m. on December 1, 2019. Kumtor initiated an emergency evacuation of all mine personnel from the area and an immediate cessation of mining operations. Two Kumtor employees went missing: a bulldozer driver and a foreman who were on the night shift.