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New Year performance for children with disabilities takes place in Bishkek

New Year performance for children with disabilities was held at the Philharmonic Hall in Bishkek. The event was organized by the Bishkek City Council.

As the press service of the Bishkek City Council noted, speaker Zhanybek Abirov congratulated the young guests on the upcoming holiday.

«More than 1,000 children from Obereg Rehabilitation Center, Center for Rehabilitation of Children, Association of Parents of Disabled Children, Hand in Hand, Friends of Kyrgyzstan, Umut-Nadezhda, Santera, Together to Health Public Foundations, NUR, Sverdlovsky Society of Disabled People, children from specialized kindergartens and schools (with speech, vision, musculoskeletal system, mental development disorders) of Bishkek received New Year’s gifts,» the Bishkek City Council noted.

The City Council took into account the features of the young guests. The speaker’s speech was accompanied by a sign language interpreter, who was standing on the stage, and members of the National Guard and students of the Military Lyceum helped the children in wheelchairs to get into the hall.