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Tuberculosis control program to be financed by state in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan starts development of a national plan for switching to state financing of programs to combat tuberculosis epidemic. Director of Partnership Network Association Aibar Sultangaziev told.

According to him, all medicines and diagnostic tests for treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis are currently purchased at the expense of donors; training of doctors and development of various regulatory documents are also carried out at their expense.

Even the social support of patients and co-payments for food come from donors. This is about $ 5 million per year. But donors leave, and the state itself must take care of its patients.

Aibar Sultangaziev

«It is difficult to do it right away, there is no money, there are no different mechanisms. For example, medicines are not registered in the country, there is poor management. These things need to be done gradually and systematically. It’s necessary to detect all the problem areas, determine the steps, how to eliminate them, and solve them within two or three years,» he added.

Such a plan to combat HIV has yielded great results. The state already purchases 70 percent of medicines and tests, introduces social services commissioning for patients’ adherence to treatment.