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New trade rules: Wholesale of fuel and lubricants allowed at oil depots only

From January 1, 2020, wholesale of fuel and lubricants will be possible only upon condition of ownership of a depot of oil products or tanks or other legal grounds. The State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The state agency currently explains to entrepreneurs a new system for trading in petroleum products. They were explained the timing and order of innovations in the oil products market, the features of work in the conditions of automation of business processes for accounting of oil products.

Starting from 2020, all gas filling stations in Kyrgyzstan will use an automated system for accounting petroleum product sales.

«Retail sales will only be at gas filling stations, provided that the stations are equipped with cash registers, equipment (columns) and an automated electronic oil product dispensing system. Its peculiarity is that it will become impossible to refuel the customer without payment and printing of cash receipt from the cash register, as a signal for issue of oil product at the fuel dispenser of the gas filling station will not work. When dispensing a petroleum product, this system allows real-time parallel transfer of information to the Tax Service server,» the Tax Service said.

Those involved in the production, import and sale of petroleum products must draw up an electronic consignment note for shipment of petroleum products through the processing chain through a personal account of the Tax Service information system. This document will contain information about the oil product, sender, recipient and the vehicle that delivers the product and other information.

As of December 1, 2019, at least 70 oil depots have been registered in Kyrgyzstan, including 8 oil refineries, and 974 gas filling stations, 936 of which are operating. About 300 of them have installed the automated electronic systems for dispensing petroleum products.