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Matraimov’s lawsuit against media. Court hearing scheduled for December 19

Preliminary court hearing on a lawsuit of the Matraimovs against 24.kg news agency, Kloop and Azattyk is scheduled for December 19. Press service of the Bishkek City Court reported.

Civil case on the statement of claim of Iskender Matraimov, Raiymbek Matraimov, Minavar Dzhumaeva, Uulkan Turgunova and the Public Charitable Foundation named after Ismail Matraimov against Ali Toktakunov, Azattyk, Kloop, 24.kg news agency on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and recovery of damage was received on December 9.

«The civil case was sent to a judge Zhyldyz Ibraimova. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 19. The plaintiffs’ application for collection of information from banking and financial-credit institutions in order to secure the claim was considered and a ruling on their seizure, if any, was issued,» the court said.

The decision indicates that if there is money on the current accounts owned by Ali Toktakunov, Azattyk, Kloop and 24.kg news agency, it is necessary to seize the money:

— Of Ali Toktakunov in the amount of 10 million soms;

— On current accounts of Azattyk in the amount of 22,500 million soms;

— On current accounts of Kloop in the amount of 12,500 million soms;

— On current accounts of 24.kg news agency in the amount of 15 million soms.

The Bishkek City Court noted that the parties had the right to appeal this decision to a higher authority within the time period stipulated by the procedural law.

The court explained that the seizure of property or money was imposed within the amount of the claim and court costs.

24.kg news agency published an investigation by colleagues from Azattyk and Kloop about smuggling schemes and transfer of $ 700 million. It was done by many media.

Raiymbek Matraimov said earlier that he has sued Ali Toktakunov, former deputy of the Parliament Shirin Aitmatova and other journalists.