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Rally on Osh market in Bishkek. Seller threatens with self-immolation

A man doused himself with gasoline and intends to set himself on fire on Osh market in Bishkek. Eyewitnesses informed 24.kg news agency.

The man is a seller of Bereket market, where a rally is taking place.

«About 100 people gathered for the protest. It is known that sellers of Bereket do not want to move to a new building. They are against closure of the market, although the bazaar administration notified them of this in advance,» the eyewitnesses said.

Recall, Osh market sellers are outraged that Bolot Begaliyev, Chairman of the Board of Bereket CJSC, leased municipal land in 2010 and built the shopping complex on this site. All tenants of trade outlets are allegedly forced to move to a new shopping center. Merchants refuse to sign a new agreement with the management of the company.