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Kyrgyzstanis reporting bribe to get reward

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan reporting a bribe will be rewarded. Law on Protection of Persons Reporting Corruption Violations entered into force in the country.

According to the document, not only the informant (protection and free legal assistance, a moratorium on dismissal from work or prosecution by management) is subject to protection, but also his or her relatives. A separate article is a paragraph on material rewarding of a citizen who reported corruption.

It is proposed to encourage «a person reporting a corruption offense» by paying an amount that should reach 30 percent of the amount of a bribe, commercial bribery, illegally transferred funds and other funds that became known as a result of reporting the corruption offense.

If the reporting of a corruption offense has prevented damage to the budget, state or municipal property, remuneration is paid in the amount of 30 percent of the amount of prevented damage, but not more than 100,000 soms. The amount of damage shall be calculated by a decision of the court, the Accounts Chamber or other authorized state body.

In case when the corruption offense referred to in the message involves illegal receipt of shares or other property, the informant will also receive 30 percent, but of the cost of this property. Sources of financing, as well as the size and procedure for payment of remuneration are determined by the Government.

It is specified that the information will be confidential, like all information about the person who reported the corruption offense. It is provided only at the request of the court, and the disclosure of this information entails liability established by law.

If the message was knowingly false, such informants will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.