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Permissible concentration of pollutants exceeded for 24 days in November

At least 24 days with exceeded maximum single concentrations of such pollutants as nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide and formaldehyde were registered in November in Bishkek. Head of the Department for Air Pollution Monitoring of Kyrgyzhydromet Meerim Asanbai kyzy told at a press conference.

According to her, Kyrgyzhydromet conducts systemic monitoring in eight points of the capital.

Yesterday, average daily standards for nitric dioxide, nitric oxide and PM 2.5 were exceeded from 1.5 to 2.5 times.

«As of 9.00 today, there is an excess of the first two pollutants, and the level of the rest nine pollutants was not exceeded. But these figures will be higher at lunchtime and in the evening,» Meerim Asanbai kyzy noted.

The expert commented on social media reports that Bishkek became the most polluted city in the world in November. She stressed that the ranking was compiled according to one-time measurements, which are not entirely informative.

«Perhaps, according to these indicators, the city was the most polluted. But keep in mind that these are single measurements, and the air is constantly moving, and the sensors can show different data even in one place. One-time measurements indicate the level of concentration of pollutants only at a particular moment in a particular place,» said Meerim Asanbai kyzy.

The highest rates of air pollution, according to Kyrgyzhydromet, were recorded on November 28-30. On these days, the level exceeded the norm six times.

«However, there were winds in the early December that contributed to the dispersal of pollutants. This led to a decrease in the concentration of the same PM 2.5 particles. But in recent days, we repeatedly observe fog, no wind, which contributes to the accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere,» the specialist added.