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Policemen, judges to be trained in investigation of gender-based crimes online

Law enforcement and judicial employees of Kyrgyzstan will be trained in the specifics of investigating and considering cases related to crimes against sexual integrity and freedom, gender-based violence online. Head of the Center for Study of Democratic Processes Larisa Ilibezova told at a press conference.

According to her, a special online course has been developed in Kyrgyzstan.

Larisa Ilibezova noted that investigation of crimes related to violence against girls and children required a special approach from law enforcement and judicial bodies.

«But practice has shown that sex and gender-bases crimes are perceived like other crimes. The same approaches are used when working with victims, their questioning, confrontations, and emotional state of the victims is not taken into account. Cases of unjustified refusal to initiate criminal proceedings are allowed, and participation of a prosecutor showed a lack of interest in protecting the rights and interests of victims. Victims of sex and gender-based crimes are often forced to make excuses to law enforcement officers and judges about why this had happened to them,» she said.

Larisa Ilibezova added that the developed course «Activities of law enforcement and judicial bodies in the field of protecting the rights of women from gender-based violence» acquaints employees with international documents and national legislation in the field of protecting the rights of women, especially the work with victims.

The four-hour course is compulsory for all employees of the internal affairs bodies, prosecutors, courts and lawyers working in the field of protecting the rights of women and girls from gender-based and family violence.