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Kyrgyzstan simplifies registration of citizens with consular departments

Government of Kyrgyzstan adopted a resolution approving regulations on the procedure for registration and deregistration of citizens of Kyrgyzstan using an automated information system. The Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

The service can be obtained online. Use of electronic consular records will provide an opportunity to register citizens of Kyrgyzstan with consular departments without a citizen’s personal appearance. In addition, the procedure for applying for consular registration is facilitated by eliminating the need to provide evidence of legal entry and stay in the territory of a foreign state.

The decree also provides that consular fees for registration will not be levied.

Free registration with consular departments of citizens of Kyrgyzstan, according to the ministry, is one of the measures to protect the rights and interests of the fellow citizens. Accessible consular service will also allow to find out the exact number of Kyrgyz citizens living abroad.

«It should be noted that voter lists are compiled on the basis of the consular registration data at each foreign institution in Kyrgyzstan. This measure will have a positive impact on increasing the estimated voter lists and increasing voter turnout in elections and referenda abroad,» the Foreign Ministry stressed.