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Most buildings in Kyrgyzstan not accessible to people with disabilities

Most public and state buildings in Kyrgyzstan are not accessible to people with disabilities. Chairman of the Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities Public Foundation Tolkunbek Isakov told today at a press conference.

He noted that Accessible Kyrgyzstan campaign was held in Kyrgyzstan on November 25-27.

«Citizens with disabilities monitored public places for their accessibility to people with disabilities. Despite the weather conditions, the participants have managed to check 200 institutions,» he said.

According to him, 110 institutions had no accessibility, 70 had partial accessibility: only up to the first floor or the environment did not correspond to the Construction Standards and Regulations.

Only 20 objects are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Tolkunbek Isakov added that during the monitoring, inspections of the buildings of five universities and city halls, 30 schools, 19 clinics and seven rural administrations were carried out.

«We conducted this monitoring to inform senior officials. The results will be sent to the Prime Minister and the President,» he said and recalled that Kyrgyzstan has ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Tolkunbek Isakov added that the Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities would systematically conduct such monitoring.