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Kyrgyzstan needs introduction of air quality index

An air quality index must be introduced in Kyrgyzstan. An ecologist, representative of MoveGreen organization Baktygul Stakeeva told at a round table discussion.

According to her, such an index is very convenient and understandable for use by the population, because the data are presented in a color palette.

«There is official monitoring in the republic, but its data is presented at best for a week in micrograms. There are levels of maximum permissible concentration for all substances. But not all people understand what this means. Therefore, the air quality index was invented, which is used in many countries. It will be enough for a person to look at the color, and the pollution level will be immediately clear,» Baktygul Stakeeva noted.

She explained that concentration level of not only fine PM2.5 particles, but also of a number of pollutants, is analyzed for the index.

«This index needs to be adapted to our conditions, and the doctors have the last word here,» the ecologist added.