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Policeman shoots native of Kyrgyzstan dead during detention in Yekaterinburg

Officer of the Internal Affairs Patrol-Sentry Service shot and killed a native of Kyrgyzstan during his arrest in Yekaterinburg (Russia). E1.ru media outlet reports.

On November 24, 28-year-old Kachkyn Tazhiev, who was detained for drug possession, after an attempt to examine him at a medical institution (which he refused) tried to hide from the patrol service.

The police lieutenant began to pursue him and caught up with him. During the fight, the suspect resisted and tried to seize the police officer’s service weapon. The law enforcement officer fired a warning shot into the air, but this did not help. The criminal continued physical resistance and tried to take away the gun. The police officer fired for the second time.

Check of the accident is ongoing. A criminal case was opened against the deceased suspect on the fact of possession of narcotic substances.

The police officer was taken to a hospital with injured hands.

The father of the deceased believes that the drugs could be planted to Kachkyn.

According to e1.ru, Kachkyn Tazhiev will be buried in Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan. He is a citizen of Russia.