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Procedure for provision of sign language services developed in Kyrgyzstan

A procedure for provision of sign language interpretation services and payment for them was developed in Kyrgyzstan. The draft document was submitted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development for public discussion.

As a background statement says, the document was developed to fulfill the requirements of the Law on the Rights and Guarantees of Persons with Disabilities in terms of providing of services of sign language interpreters at the state expense and determining the size of payment for them.

More than 5,500 persons with hearing impairments live in Kyrgyzstan.

The draft document proposes creation of a service for provision of information and interpretation services for people with hearing and speaking impairments, included in the register of consumers, on an application basis.

The services are offered to be provided at educational and health care institutions, during investigative actions or during participation in legal proceedings within civil, administrative and criminal cases, notarization of documents or transactions, driving or computer skills training courses and other cases.

An hourly payment of 100 soms per hour is set for sign language interpreters. In case of visit to a place, a double tariff is provided.

Payments for services of sign language interpreters are made for the actual time the service was provided, but not more than 176 hours per month (22 working days 8 hours each).