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Government prepares decree banning production and sale of plastic bags

Government of Kyrgyzstan initiated a moratorium on production and sale of products from polymer films. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

According to it, a draft resolution on imposing a moratorium on the production and sale of products (bags, sacks, packaging materials) from polymer film of less than 20 micrometers intended for the public (end consumer) was developed. This is done to prevent pollution of the environment and reduce the amount of waste generated from packaging bags made of polymer materials.

The Government notes that packages of polymer materials are commonly used in Kyrgyzstan, which are usually single use. Accumulating spontaneously in public places, they negatively affect the environment and the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the whole country.

As of today, about 16.4 million tons of waste has been accumulated, and 21 percent of it is waste made of polymer materials.

"The mass use of packaging bags made of polymeric materials leads to the fact that a large number of them accumulate around the territory of solid household waste landfills, which creates an additional negative impact on the environment," the statement says.