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Video of murder of Aierken Saimaiti posted

A video of the moment of murder of Aierken Saimaiti was posted on Instagram.

Presumably, this is the video from a CCTV camera located on a building near the hotel.

Recall, the Chinese businessman was shot dead in Istanbul on the evening of November 10 in a cafe near the hotel. Before his death, Aierken Saimaiti told Azattyk, Kloop, and OCCRP reporters how he transferred millions of dollars from Kyrgyzstan, and who of the local officials helped him in this. Smuggling schemes lead to the clan of Raiymbek Matraimov.

The video shows three men sitting at a table in a cafe. An unknown man comes up behind them, takes a pistol out of his pocket, fires one shot in the head and runs away. Two men did not have time to react.