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Religious culture in Kyrgyzstan is higher than in other states in Central Asia

In comparison with the countries of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has a higher religious culture and tolerance. Zairbek Ergeshov, Director of the State Commission for Religious Affairs, said at the International Conference «Islam and Orthodoxy — Religions of the World.»

According to him, young people, due to lack of information and ignorance of history, often show intolerance towards other religions, speaking of the dominance of one.

«Historically, all religions and confessions lived in peace and harmony in our country. In modern society, we can also find a way for a peaceful existence. In recent years, we are pleased that the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan and the Orthodox church began to work together in this direction. Thanks to this, religious culture is improving in our country compared to neighboring countries,» said Zairbek Ergeshov.

The International Conference «Islam and Orthodoxy — Religions of the World» is held with participation of the President of Kyrgyzstan and representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.