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Trucks banned from driving on roads of Kyrgyzstan without chains, tow wires

Trucks and lorries with trailers were banned from driving on public roads of Kyrgyzstan without snow chains and tow wires. The Ministry of Transport and Roads issued such an order.

This is a temporary measure. The ban will be in force on certain sections of public roads, where heavy-duty technological vehicles worsen the traffic conditions. In addition, such measures have been taken to prevent traffic accidents with human casualties.

The ban will be applied during heavy snowfalls until the snow is completely cleared and anti-icing materials are scattered.

Temporary control of freight vehicles will be organized during heavy snowfalls at Torugart, Irkeshtam, Karamyk checkpoints, as well as at transport control points Sosnovka, Kara-Kul, Sary-Tash, Kemin, Karatai and Dyikan.

The heads of the road departments and regional departments of the transport department were instructed to install warning information boards (panels) on the sections of highways with a potential risk of avalanches, indicating length of such a section.