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EAEU businesses to discuss possible challenges, opportunities of the Union

We propose to discuss challenges, opportunities and new tools for transformation of financial institutions and technologies at a conference of the Eurasian Development Bank this year. The Deputy Chairman of the Board, State Secretary of the EDB Andrei Krainy told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the EDB annually organizes the conference on integration issues in the Eurasian space. This year, the bank will hold the event for the 14th time.

«There are two diverging trends in the world now. We see how countries start trade wars, are engaged in protectionism. On the other hand, there are integration associations. We will try to talk about this at the conference and consider these multidirectional trends. We are sure that the participants are not less interested in discussing this. Are we not making mistakes in creating the union now, while many countries are engaged in concrete, in fact, protectionism?» Andrei Krainy said.

The growing mutual influence of trade, taxes and investment in the context of development of protectionism, centrifugal trends and digital globalism make new demands on the rules and architecture of international financial organizations. At the same time, the scope of the task goes beyond the borders of the EAEU down to the discussion of the formation of a common Eurasian space from Lisbon to Vladivostok and Jakarta. Therefore, the conference is of interest to the business community.

«Everyone wants to look beyond the horizon, understand what will happen tomorrow, and begin to prepare for changes. There are good reasons why the Chinese write the word «crisis» in two hieroglyphs: the first means «problems», and the second — «new opportunities». I am sure this will be a rather interesting discussion. There are already a lot of registered participants, serious speakers,» the Deputy Chairman of the EDB said.

24.kg news agency is an informational partner of the event