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State agencies admit high air pollution level in Bishkek

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan responded to media reports about high level of air pollution in Bishkek. Specialists of the Hydrometeorology Agency at the Ministry of Emergency Situations also confirmed that an average daily content of detected harmful substances was increased.

The agency provided data from stationary and automatic stations from November 16 to November 19.

It is reported that on November 16, the level of pollution with nitrogen dioxide was 0.2-1.75 MPC, nitric oxide — 0.1-3.1 MPC, formaldehyde — 1.6-3 MPC. At the same time, the concentrations of sulfur dioxide and ammonia did not exceed the maximum permissible norms.

The concentration of sulfur dioxide was 1.2 MPC, nitrogen dioxide — 0.7 MPC, nitric oxide — 2.2 MPC, carbon monoxide — 3 MPC.

Particle level PM10 was 2 MPC, PM2.5 — 1.5 MPC.

On November 17, excess concentration was registered at all positions: sulfur dioxide — 1.4 MPC, nitrogen dioxide — 1 MPC, nitric oxide — 3.9 MPC, carbon monoxide — 4.1 MPC, particles PM10 — 3 MPC, PM2.5 — 3.9 MPC.

Yesterday, on November 18, the situation was a little more optimistic. The concentration of sulfur dioxide decreased to 1 MPC, nitrogen dioxide — to 0.75 MPC, nitric oxide — to 2.2 MPC, carbon monoxide — to 2.5 MPC, PM10 particles — to 2 MPC, PM2.5 — to 1.5 MPC.

Today, at 8.00, the maximum one-time content of sulfur dioxide, oxide and nitrogen dioxide, according to the automatic air quality control station located on Lushchikhin Street, did not exceed the sanitary and hygienic standards adopted in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The content of carbon monoxide remains high — 2.8 MPC, fine particles (PM10) — 1.8 MPC. The PM2.5 content is 24 µg / m³, or 0.8 MPC.

In general, air pollution in Bishkek remains high over the past day.

The Hydrometeorology Agency recalls that MPC (maximum permissible concentration) is such a concentration of a pollutant that, in case of daily and prolonged exposure to the human body, does not cause any pathological changes in it or diseases.

High pollution is when the concentration of one or more substances exceeds the MPC 10 or more times.

Extremely high pollution is when the concentration of one or more substances exceeds the MPC 50 times or more.