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Taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan detained in Moscow

A citizen of Kyrgyzstan, who is working as a taxi driver in Moscow, was detained by the police for refusal to carry a drunk passenger. A lawyer, head of «Utro Mira» human rights organization Valentina Chupik told.

According to her, Aizat Isakov, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, a taxi driver, was attacked by a drunk passenger, who insulted him on a national basis and tried to fight. «After that the drunk passenger called the police and wrote a statement against the Kyrgyz, whom he himself attacked! And a duty officer of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the South-West Administrative District Uglov does not want to accept a complaint. And it’s impossible to get through to the Central Internal Affairs Department,» said Valentina Chupik.

The Kyrgyzstani was detained at Zyuzino police department, and an officer on duty Gomonkov cannot explain his actions.

Valentina Chupik

 She added that the migrant from the Kyrgyz Republic did not understand why he was detained, and also did not know what to do. As a result, with the help of a lawyer of the organization, headed by Valentina Chupik, the driver was released, but he had spent several hours at the police station.