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MPs suggest depriving party leaders of authority to form list of candidates

Members of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Iskhak Masaliev and Zhanar Akayev suggest depriving party leaders of the power to form list of candidates. They submit amendments to the electoral law. It was announced at a round table discussion.

The authors note that it is necessary to introduce a system of preferential voting. In this case, the voters themselves will determine who, in their opinion, deserves a seat. A citizen will be offered two lists at a polling station — parties running for Parliament, and within each political organization — a list of candidates for deputy badge. Those who win the majority of votes pass to the Parliament. Quotas — gender, youth and national — will be preserved.

Moreover, a party leader can not change the lists after announcement of the results.

This is not the first change that parliament members propose to the draft electoral law already signed by the president. A group of deputies submitted for public discussion and to the profile committee changes regarding 9 percent electoral threshold and the amount of electoral deposit for parties.