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Explosion in Bishkek. Services could not check cafe until 2020

The Bishkek Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision did not have the right to check Antoshka cafe. Representatives of the center told 24.kg news agency.

«This is a new facility that appeared in 2018. According to the legislation on inspections of business entities, no one controls newly opened facilities for three years, including us,» the center said.

Director of the Disease Prevention and Sanitary Supervision Department Tolon Isakov recalled about the current moratorium on business inspections. «It is necessary to protect entrepreneurs from unauthorized checks, but business should also have an adequate attitude. Catering points should be kept clean and safe. Unfortunately, many people are negligent in this in pursuit of money,» he said.

As a result, the number of poisoned by low-quality products has slightly increased since the beginning of 2019. There are many complaints of poor service and products.

Tolon Isakov

 «But the complaints are mostly made verbally. Applications must be submitted in writing so that we can check their validity. In case of food poisoning, we can conduct checks without notification of the Ministry of Economy,» added Tolon Isakov.

The fast food cafe exploded in Bishkek on November 8. As a result, one employee of the cafe died and 13 people were injured.