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Kyrgyzstan included in 30 top emerging travel destinations for 2020

Kyrgyzstan took the 5th place in the list of 30 emerging travel destinations recommended for visiting in 2020. The list of countries was compiled by Travel Lemming based on recommendations of popular travel industry bloggers with over 12 million social media followers.

The travel destinations have been listed as the best places to visit as an alternative to regions suffering from overtourism.

Georgia takes the first place in the list, which was called the «world’s greatest hidden travel gem.»

It is followed by Nova Scotia, the Cook Islands and Rwanda.

Kyrgyzstan takes the fifth place in the list.

«Kyrgyzstan is the kind of place that you might suppose is best reserved for hearty adventurers. And you’d be half right: adventure is practically the middle name of this Central Asian country. But if Kyrgyzstan had a different first name, it’d be simply «culture.» The traditions of the Silk Road are still alive and well here, and you don’t need to spend weeks hiking remote mountainsides to access that culture. On the other hand, if you’re even the least bit interested in hiking, you’d be crazy to pass up some of the most beautiful trails on the planet,» the authors of the list say.

The travelers recommend visiting such top attractions of Kyrgyzstan as Kel-Suu Lake, Ala-Archa National Park, Ala-Kul Lake and Burana.

The top 10 also includes Ecuador, Gothenburg, Churchill in Manitoba, Dominica and Uzbekistan.

«The world is a big place, and there’s a lot more to explore than the Instagram-famous spots. While others struggle under the weight of over-tourism, these 30 emerging destinations have room to spare and are opening their arms to intrepid travelers open to trying something different,» said Travel Lemming CEO Nate Hake.