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National Bank of Kyrgyzstan issues new collectible coins

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic issued three new collectible coins from the series «Era of the Kyrgyz Khaganate.» They were put into circulation today. The head of the Expert Cash Management Department of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic Dana Saifullina told today at a press conference.

The coins are united by household items theme. Two of them with a face value of 10 soms are made of silver, one — with a face value of 1 som — copper-nickel.

According to Dana Saifullina, the coins were issued to promote spiritual and cultural values. About six coins have been issued in this series earlier.

Front side of the coin «Kyrgyz Vase» depicts three vases against the background of national ornaments and the name «Kyrgyz kumurasy / Kyrgyz vase,» its reverse side — a coat of arms against the background of stylized vases, as well as the name of the series «Uulu Kyrgyz Khaganate.»

«It is made of 925 silver, its weight is 28.28 grams. The cost is 2,650 soms,» Dana Saifullina told.

Front side of the coin «Household items: elements of clothing, jewelry» depicts image of a woman with an earring using stylized ornaments and pendants. The name «Kyrgyz State» is made by Orkhon-Enisey runic script. There is also the name of the coin «Syrga / Earring.» Its reverse side has a stylized element of an earring with imitation of precious stones and coral pendants. There is the coat of arms of Kyrgyzstan in the center.

«The silver coin has a face value of 10 soms, its weight is 28.28 grams, and the cost is 2,650 soms. One som coin is made of copper-nickel, its weight is 12 grams, the cost is 380 soms,» she added.

The National Bank plans to continue this series.