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State to regulate prices of life-saving medicines in Kyrgyzstan

Provisional rules for regulation of the price of medicines have been approved in Kyrgyzstan. The corresponding decision was signed by the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

Up to date, prices for medicines have not been regulated by the state.

The state pricing policy provided for free formation of prices for medicines, which were formed under the influence of supply and demand.

The Government noted that reduction of the population’s expenses on medical care, including medicines, is one of the important elements in the healthcare system of Kyrgyzstan.

State regulation of prices is an attempt by the state to influence prices through legislative, administrative and fiscal measures and in such a way to promote the stable development of the socio-economic system and maintain national security.

At the initial stage, it was decided to test this mechanism on a limited list of 58 types of medicines.

«The list is taken from the National List of Life-Saving Medicines (more than 300 trade names) reimbursed under the supplementary compulsory health insurance program and the State Guarantees Program at the outpatient level,» the Government noted.