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Water meters to be installed in Bishkek residents’ houses for two years

It is planned to install water meters in the houses of Bishkek residents for two years. The head of Bishkekvodokanal Bakytbek Dyushembiev said at a regular session of the Bishkek City Council.

He noted that the company has already installed meters for all legal entities using water for commercial purposes: car washes, saunas and others.

«Work on the installation of meters in apartments and houses continues. At least 60 percent of high-rise buildings already have them, and only 2 percent of individual houses,» he said.

Bakytbek Dyushembiev added that as of today the enterprise operates 1,480 kilometers of water supply and 720 kilometers of sewerage networks.

«Network wear and tear is 80 percent. We are repairing 3.6 kilometers now. At least 500 kilometers need urgent rehabilitation. We cannot keep the entire water supply and sewerage system at risk. New tariffs will ensure full operation of the system,» he said.

Recall, mayor’s office developed a draft resolution of the Bishkek City Council on approving tariffs for water supply and sanitation (sewage) services in the capital. The document was submitted for public discussion.

The city administration proposes to increase tariffs for 1 cubic meter of drinking water for the population 1.5 times (from 5.38 to 8.1 soms). In addition, tariffs for budget-funded organizations will also increase — from 7.38 to 9.1 soms (1.23 times) and other consumers — from 9.15 to 13 soms (1.4 times).

It is planned to increase the tariffs for wastewater, that is, acceptance and treatment of wastewater. The population is offered to pay 2.3 soms instead of 1.2 soms (almost two times) per 1 cubic meter.

It is planned to increase the tariff from 2.1 to 3 soms (43 percent growth) for budget-funded organizations, and for other consumers — from 4.02 to 6 soms (49 percent growth).