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New safety rules for amusement rides come into force in EAEU

All amusement rides in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union should be put into operation only if they comply with the new technical regulations. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) reports.

The transition period of technical regulations on safety of amusement rides reportedly ended on October 18. As a result, the possibility of commissioning of amusement rides with documents about the assessment of compliance with the requirements of national legislation, issued before the date of entry into force of the technical regulations, that is, until April 18, 2018, was excluded. During the transition period, production that was not previously subject to mandatory conformity assessment was allowed. It is impossible now.

«The certificate of conformity is required for mechanized amusement rides, which pose an increased danger. For example, these are a large Ferris wheel with a mechanized drive, colliding electric cars, a full-swing swings, and much more. The declaration of conformity is needed for non-mechanized amusement rides that are less dangerous during operation, including slides, water slides, trampolines, swings and carousels that need to be moved by hand, and similar products,» the EEC commented.

The technical regulations on safety of amusement rides entered into force on April 18, 2018 and set the mandatory requirements for the design, manufacture of rides, their installation and commissioning, operation and storage.

 For example, operating organization, according to the technical regulations, should place rules for using it before the entrance to the amusement rides, as well as the rules for servicing disabled passengers, if «the biomechanical effects of the rides are acceptable for them.» It is also necessary to place information on restrictions on the use of the amusement rides for health reasons, age, height and weight, if this is provided for by operational documents.

«The necessary information is provided in Russian and, if there are requirements in the legislation of the countries of the union, in the state language. In addition, it is prescribed to conduct daily and annual inspections of amusement rides. The technical regulations oblige to place an information plate at the entrance to each ride, containing information about the date of the last annual check indicating the organization that conducted it and the date of the next annual inspection,» the EEC said.