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EEU countries not ready to give authority on veterinary control to EEC

«Countries do not want to agree to the proposal of the commission on transfer of a part of their powers to the supranational level,» Viktor Nazarenko, Member of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) for Technical Regulation, told reporters on the sidelines of the Eurasian Week Forum.

According to him, EEU countries make decisions on extent of delegation of authority to the supranational level. A single policy is implemented by the Eurasian Economic Commission in the field of technical regulation.

«In terms of veterinary and phytosanitary measures, we are implementing an agreed policy. And all powers remain at the country level. And they do not agree to transfer of a part of authority to us. Although the Ministries of Economy of the countries believe that it is necessary to switch to a single policy in the field of veterinary and phytosanitary measures, and part of the authority should be transferred to the supranational level. The topic is being discussed. I think that some strategic decision will be made next year, which will allow us to switch to a unified policy over time,» Viktor Nazarenko believes.