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Government to pay $ 400 fine for each child of Kyrgyzstanis in Iraq

All issues for transportation of Kyrgyz children from Iraqi prisons to their homeland have been resolved. The Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the government of Kyrgyzstan is waiting for the latest decision of the Iraqi courts.

«The commission worked out all the issues. A delegation of 17 people is ready to leave. But, according to the Foreign Ministry, Iraqi courts are ready to consider the issue only in October. Therefore, the commission is waiting for the last signal from Iraq,» said Zhenish Razakov.

According to him, financial issues have been resolved for transportation of the children. An international organization allocated money for the flight.

«There are about 55 women and 78 children in Iraqi prisons. The commission identified children — Kyrgyzstanis. The government must pay a fine of $ 400 for each child. The Prime Minister allocated money from his fund,» said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The commission also worked out the issues of reintegration and rehabilitation of the children. «We found their relatives, they are ready to take the children,» said Zhenish Razakov.